Wednesday, April 4, 2012

These are the two ATC images that should have posted in the previous entry. See? I haven't been idle. Just tardy, which is an embarrassment
One of the deadlines I missed was an ATC mingle. I have the artworkdone and ready to mail. It's going into the envelopes as soon as I finish this post.The theme was ATC's on the theme of "Africa". When I think of Africa I tend to think first of the wonderful and very different animals who inhabit that continent. Without the animals, the people wouldn't be who and what they are, the cultures would never have evolved as they did. The animals and their habitats underlie everything that is. Here are the two cards I created

I've gotten way behind in my committments due to circumstances beyond my control. But I am catching up. Whew!! It worries me when I mess up. I'm avoiding any new commitments until I get the ones I've already made caught up and mailed. I'm close.
Here is some of the artwork
These pages are for a book that will be done at the Artful Gathering of an online group of mixed media artists, An Affair With Art. The theme is Christmas in July. The people creating the pages were to use rich victorian colours and keep to a specific topic for each page. The topic for this page assigned to Claudia Holcombe is snow flakes and Silent Night. Claudia has had serious health issues, so I have been helping her with the page. This is the result of our collaboration.
Let us know how you like it.