Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm currently working on creating several new classes. If any of these ideas appeal to you, please let me know either in comments or in an email. Further details will be posted later.

Beginning the Copic Journey - re-designed
  • You will receive the hand-outs with extensive information about the markers
  • You will learn three blending techniques
  • You will be shown how to correct 'mistakes'
  • You will be introduced to the Copic Air Brush System
  • You will take away at least two images you can later use in projects

Continuing The Copic Journey - Destination Mixed Media with Copic Markers

  • You will receive a handout with information about the techniques shown in the class
  • You will learn how to use colored pencil, water color, waterbased markers and other media with Copic Markers
  • you will take away images using the various techniques that you can use in projects

Journey into Stampscapes - Beginning the trip

  • You will receive a handout with the basic instructions for constructing a Stampscapes Scene and information about the stamps used
  • You will complete three projects designed to help you learn the techniques for creating a sense of light, atmosphere and perspective
  • You will learn some basic 'rescue' techniques for fixing 'mistakes'

Journey into Stampscapes with Copic Markers

  • You will receive a handout with information about techniques for using Copic Markers to add color to Stampscapes scenes.
  • You will complete three projects using the markers
  • You will complete one project using the air brush system to create the atmopsherics that are so special with Stampscapes.

I am also open to any suggestions you may have for classes you would like me to schedule. I will post information about when and where as I am able to make arrangements

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Repeat Copic class

I spent the day in Concord NC taking the Copic Certification class again. There is way too much to absorb in one day, so I'm glad I did it again. Sally Lynn is an excellent teacher. In all, it was a day well spent.
Oh... congratulations to Mary Haverland and Christine Coile who certified today. Yay for you, ladies!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The classes I had scheduled for this Saturday at Stamps and More by Eleanor have been cancelled. I'll post time and place information later when I have some other classes scheduled. If you have any specific class requests I will try to schedule them at Stamps and More or some other convenient local venue. In addition, I am considering offering private in-home party style classes. They would work as follows:
  • I will work with the hostess to determine what kind of project(s) are desired.
  • I will create samples and class kits with all necessary materials for the project(s) requested, one kit per student.
  • If requested, I will provide extra kits for purchase at the time of the event.
  • Participants will bring a basic tool kit which will be specified for the particular class. Usually theses tool kits will consist of scissors, ruler, tape or adhesive and bone folder.
  • The kits for card workshops will typically contain materials for 4 cards except when the designs are unusually complex or involved.
  • The fees for private classes will cover the cost of the materials plus $10 per participant. Typically this would be aproximately $15 for a card class. Fees will be higher for classes with very complex cards, altered arts or mixed media classes due to the cost of the materials involved.
  • A minimum of 5 participants will be required.
  • These events will typically run 2 - 3 hours.

If you are interested in hostessing or participating in this type of event, please contact me via email at

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trying to start setting up my home studio today. I had a lot of stuff already there and fitting in the supplies and equipment from my classroom is going to be a challenge. But I will get it done. It should be interesting.
I wish I could do classes here, but the covenent for this neighborhood forbids home businesses. I'll think of something.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I am tentatively sceduled to teach an introductory class on Copic Markers on Saturday, May 15 at Stamps and More by Eleanor. That is to be followed by a class on creating textures with copic markers. Details are available by calling the store - 864 295 2929 or Toll Free 877 296 2929 or on the store's website

A new venture

Everything is changing. My employer no longer needs my services so I am trying to start a new venture as an independent teacher. I will be teaching classes in rubber stamping, altered art , mixed media and related topics. I need all the prayers and help my friends can muster that this will be a success. This is the first post in the blog that begins this new Creative Journey. I loved the students and the chance to design and work with all the wonderful products becoming available to stampers, scrappers and people working in altered arts. I hope to continue doing this but in a different way.

Come back to view this blog for updates on class schedules, locations, times and related information. I will post pictures and other things of interest to altered art fans. So come along with me and take a Creative Journey with Linda