Friday, April 12, 2013

Postcards for Friends

I love doing small 1-off pieces of art for friends. These postcards are going to members of the mixed media and altered arts groups to which I belong.
The one on top is on a circus theme, obviously. I have been experimenting with Dylusuions ever since Mary W. Showed some of the work she's been doing with them. Among the things I tried was  using them on Kraft cardstock post cards. It does bleed through due to the fact that the dyes are wet, but these colours just SCREAMED circus to me. So, I used it as the background for a post card on that theme

The next card was done on the theme Vintage Country Music. I'm not a big fan of country Music but I do like Dolly Parton. Love is like a Butterfly is from the 70's. Can you believe that's nearly 40 yars ago?  OK, I'm showing my age.
I used a bit of butterfly printed vellum for the background, found a picture of Dolly and added the velvet butterflies. Fun