Friday, September 3, 2010

New Artwork

I've been invited to join a wonderful online group called An Affair with Art. The terrific ladies who are members of the group are mixed media artists from all over the country. There are online swaps and 'mingles' and a monthly lottery where each participant makes one piece based on a theme, then at the end of the month there is a drawing and the winner gets the goodies. All of them. Then she selects a theme for the following month and the whole thing starts again.
I made some 'fern paper' this month and used that for my lottery entry. Below are some of the papers and the tag project I did for the lottery entry. I love tags. Love to make them, love to get them, love to give them... welllllll sometimes I would like to keep them, but that's half the fun of giving them up... they go to a new home where they will be loved and admired and that is defintely a good thing.

The theme is "Numbers". I chose the number three, but decided to do something other than just use numerals.
So, I made fern paper with three ink colours
There are three elements in the design on the tag
There are three colour feathers in each cockade and three feathers in each.
The numeral is 3, embellished with three colours of Perfect Pearls
There are three doubled strands of each colour fiber in the tassel at the top of the tag

Here is the tag for September's An Affair With Art Lottery, along with two samples of the fern paper I made


  1. This is pretty!

    I saw your post on Tim's site about the pumpkin donuts... can you email me as I have a question...

    Kim --