Saturday, February 23, 2013

Old fashioned wooden spools.... Used to be all over the place. The problem was not finding them, but what to do with them when the thread was used up. All that wood was too good to throw away. My Grandmother and my Mama had bags of them. I don't remember all the things they did with them, but I do remember spool dolls, 'legs' on tin cans made into pencil holders, Pin cushions on the tops of the really big spools.... all kinds of camp tools and things we did in Campfire Girls..
But recently those ubiquitous spools seem to have disappeared. So, when my online Altered Arts group announded an 'altered spool' swap, I thought... I HAVE IT MADE...
But then I went looking for my spools of thread and ALL of them except the antique ones in the sewing chest I inherited from my Mama were that nasty foam stuff. Sorry friends but those mementos are staying in the antique sewing chest with all the memories of my Mama and the dresses she made for me.

Finally, I located some in the wooden things in Hobby Lobby. So here is what I did with mine
I just love the little nest and the tiny redbird. It was great fun finding tiny embellishments and bits of things to add to the spool to decorate it. . I hope you like it and that it brings a smile 

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  1. Very pretty. Don't blame you for hanging on to your treasured momentoes. You did a great job with this one. TFS