Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tim Holtz has a habit of presenting the most delightful technique samples on #8 shipping tags. I only rarely have the stuff to do one like his and generally try the technique in a different format.
Well, this time I was surprised to find that I had almost all the stuff and what I didn't have could be approximated fairly easily
The tag isn't Kraft Tag, but the back side of one of the scraps of a paper from his Kraft Resist pad. I cut the tag using Tim's Bigz die.
I didn't have and can't find the Antiquities Cement EP. I used Distress Powder Weathered Wood in its place and I think it came out well. The real fun was making the Butterfly Mosaic pieces. Who'd a thunk????
And I truly love that saying. It's one that I will use again and again.
I hope you like it and will try this yourself. It's really an easy tag and I love the techique. You can find the instructions at


  1. You did a great job! Looks just as good as Tim's did!

  2. Seriously awesome tag, Linda. We may have to have a First Saturday Club class just for you to teach us Tim's tags...

  3. Your tag turned out really nice!

  4. great job Linda ... Tim would be proud ....

  5. Such a great tag...Great idea on cutting out the tag from his paper!!