Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Yes, I know it's been a while. I haven't been hiding. Just busy. I recently worked an a book for an online friend. Her theme was French white - provincial. The pages were done in a book she sent, already prepped. Normally I like to do fold-downs and pockets made with the pages. and then insert tags. So this was a challenge and it was fun to do things in a different way. See what you think of the pages.
The first page has a little French doll In a pocket made from a nature study page. Nature and botanical drawings were popular in the 17 -1800's in France. The second page is a cutout border with a tag that has a smaller image of the lady on the tag. It was inserted into the border cut out.
The third page is silk moire with a maroon velvet layer and then the tag in it's pocket
The last page is a gold threaded background with tags made from fleur de lis paper. All pages are decorated with gold German scrap, lace and ribbon. There are some paper flowers on most of the pages., as well. These are all elements that were popular in French Provincial style, which used a lot of white, gold trim and pieces that were just a little heavier and sturdier than the more elegant court style favored by the ultra rich and nobility.


  1. Your pages are lovely! Welcome back to blogging.

  2. So beautiful. Glad to see you are blogging..

  3. I turned out so pretty! Hope that Joan will enjoy it.