Saturday, June 7, 2014

I am preparing to start teaching card and mixed media classes again. I've arranged with the owner of
Easy As Cat Soup in Anderson SC to do a class on June 28 2014. There will be 6 or more cards using a package of patterned papers and ephemera for the basis of the designs. I am creating a series that uses a variety of card formats. These are the first two cards. The class materials will include detailed directions for making the class cards. These can serve as the starting point for variations of the student's own devising

The idea is that the basic designs are to serve as inpiratiom for the student. I hope that each individual will find new ways to espress her/his own thoughts and ideas. The class packs will have enough 'leftovervs' to serve as the basis for several more cards. To me, that is half the value of a class that uses a pre packaged set of papers and ephemera.

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