Thursday, June 19, 2014

I've been playing with some new stamps, new uses for old techniques and some new toys. The result? Seveal new cards to send to friends for various occasions

I had a birthday recently and among the wonderful gifts I received were some interesting stamps. Since I particularly love watercolour I was pleased that the sunflower set lent itself to using that medium,
Here are two of the cards that I created with the new stamps.

As anyone who knows me will tell you,  I am very fond of flowers. The more old fashioned, the better I love them. So, one of the sets I recently purchased features poppies. Here is what I did with that. Again, the medium is watercolour. In both cases, the watercolours were a combination of Winsor Newton pan waterclours and Derwent Inktense watercolour pencils. I used the Inktense to get the deeper tones. I could do it with tube watercolours but didn't want to mess with those just now. The cats would have loved it but the result might have been disasterous

I hope you like it. I thought it came out rather well..In fact I am going to have a hard time sending it on to the
person for whom I intended it.

Of course, I couldn't leave well enough alone. Since I have been experimenting with watercolour, it seemed that I should see what I could do with it as a background. For the first card, I was looking for a graded multicolour background that wouldn't get muddy with the colours mixing. I used Winsor Newton pan watercolours here. The effect I wanted was that of a bird perching on a piling in the water, on a foggy evening just at sunset

For the second card, I used the washes from the pan that I mixed the colours in for the first card. The bird and the flowers were done using Peerless Watercolour papers.

I am particularly fond of Grapic 45 Scrapbook papers. I use them a lot in altered book  and other projects. I thought that the Botanical Tea papers were really beautiful and made several cards using them.

This one used the Crafter'sworkshop Chicken  wire die cut. I love the look

Here the card has a window with the Stampin' Up Hexagon embossing folder background

Another use of the Hexagon folder                                                     And here, just some layering

It's been fun doing these.  I hope you like them.

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  1. I love all of your pretty cards and I saw the ones at Mickey's Cat Soup too and they are are all wonderful!